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Finest Quality Piano Repair Tools

After piano tuning tools, the most used piano repair tools in piano servicing are the Regulating Tools. These tools are used to make fine adjustments to the action of the piano so that all the parts move at the correct time and the correct distance.

This is a very important aspect of piano service so that the piano not only sounds in tune but also responds quickly & easily to the performer's touch.

There are over 60 different piano repair tools for regulating the action of the piano. Here are just a few of the most common piano repair tools.

Combination Handle This is a very handy Combination Handle that fits most of the regulating tools. Tools are secured and released by a slight turn of the compressing nut.

Key Spacer This tool, called a Key Spacer, is used to move the keys from side to side so that they are spaced evenly along the keyboard. Each key is guided by an oval shaped pin that protrudes into the bottom of the key. When this pin is bent sideways it causes the key to move in the same direction. The offset in the tool enables the technician to bypass the front row of pins when adjusting the pins under the sharp keys.

Damper Regulator The Damper Regulator pictured above, is used to adjust the damper head so that it is seated properly on the piano string. The damper must be lined up with the string properly so that the string will stop sounding as soon as the key is released, allowing the damper to return to rest on the string. This tool is used to bend the damper wire forward, backward or to the side, as required.

Action Flange Screwdriver This Action Flange Screwdriver is specially designed for turning those hard to reach action screws. The shank is thinner just behind the blade to allow the screwdriver to bypass the jack in an upright piano action when turning the flange screw behind it.

Spoon Bender This Spoon Bender is angled to facilitate getting under and around the whippens without removing the piano action. There is a "spoon" at the back of the whippen (the lower part of the piano action), that moves the damper away from the string when the piano key is depressed allowing the string to vibrate until the key is released and the damper returns to rest on the string, silencing it.

These spoons must be adjusted so that the damper moves away from the string at the right time and the proper distance. This is one of the more difficult parts on a piano action to regulate.

Regulating Screwdriver This Regulating Screwdriver has a very unique design in that the 3/8" diameter ball end has crossing, oval openings that allow Regulating Eye Screws to be turned at any 90 angle. This certainly helps to eliminate breaking the Regulating Screws when adjusting them. By the way, this adjustment determines the point at which the hammer is released just before contacting the string.

Spring Hook This Spring Hook tool is useful for positioning hammer and damper springs on upright pianos. These are the springs that return the hammer or damper to its place of rest after a note has been played.

Capstan Screwdriver The Capstan Screwdriver is used to adjust the dowels that are at the end of the piano keys. This adjustment must be made to take up any "lost motion" that may be in the action. The hammer should begin to move toward the string at the same time that the key begins to go down. If the hammer does not move until after the key has been part way depressed, then there is lost motion in the action which needs to be corrected.

Capstan Wrench The Capstan Wrench performs the same regulation as the Capstan Screwdriver, only it is used when the capstans at the ends of the keys are screws rather than dowels.

There are many more piano repair tools for every aspect of piano servicing. Click on the link below to view them all.

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