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Discover with our Piano Tuning Courses how to Tune & Repair your own piano.

You can discover today how to tune & repair your own piano with our Piano Tuning Courses. All the information that you need is available for immediate download to your computer. If you prefer to have your manual printed out & mailed to you, we will be happy to do that for you as well. The first course is entitled, "How To Tune Your Own Piano".

You may be surprised to know that you really can tune your own piano. Many instruction books on piano tuning are so technical & difficult to follow that the average person gets discouraged after reading the first few pages. I have made my manuals very easy to understand . . . no "techie jargon" . . . just plain English.

I have outlined a complete run-down of the contents of each chapter. Just click here for more information on our Piano Tuning Courses.

You will be amazed at how much detailed piano tuning training you can have immediately at your finger tips. PLUS, if you ever need extra help, I am only an "e-mail away".

Titles in this series:

How To Tune Your Own Piano

How To Repair Your Own Piano

How To Rebuild Your Own Piano

How To Refinish Your Own Piano

How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Business

How To Build Your Own Piano Bench

How To Rescale Your Own Piano

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