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John Walker Piano Tuning Forks

These piano tuning forks have been manufactured for more than 150 years in Sheffield, England . . . the guarantee of accuracy and quality workmanship. We have three main styles of tuning forks:

  • Blued Tuning Forks - These are made from hardened and tempered blued steel with gilt lettering stamped for the note and frequency. Forks come in a plastic pouch. The two most common frequencies used in piano tuning are C-523.3 (5-5/32" long), and A-440 (5-1/2" long).

    Most piano tuners use the "C" tuning fork to set the pitch of the piano, although some technicians prefer to use the "A" tuning fork. It all depends on which notes he will use for the temperament octave.

    The tuning fork is sounded by striking the tines against your knee cap or against your wrist and then either holding it to your ear to hear the tone or setting the base of the tuning fork on the edge of the piano, just in front of the keys. The vibrations of the tines will be transferred to the cabinet of the piano which acts like an amplifier so that you can hear the tone better.

tuning fork

  • Nickel Plated Tuning Forks - These forks are much larger, measuring 3/8" wide, which provide a long, loud tone. They also come in a plastic pouch. It is a nice feature to have the louder and more sustaining tone when setting the pitch of the piano . . . much easier to hear.

tuning fork

  • Aluminum Tuning Forks - One-piece construction milled from heavy 3/8" x 1" tempered aluminum alloy. This construction means greater output of sound and exceptional duration of tone. Forks have a satin, non-tarnishing finish and come packed in a poly bag.

tuning fork

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