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Piano Tuning Kits for the Aspiring Piano Technician or Just the Do-It-Yourselfer

These piano tuning kits have been especially selected as a "starter kit" in several repair areas of piano work. All of the piano service kits have been priced below the cost of purchasing the individual tools. The beginner's tuning kit, illustrated below,includes the following items:

  • 1 Tuning Lever (Hammer)
  • 1 Tuning Fork C-523.3
  • 1 Felt Temperament Strip
  • 8 Rubber Mutes
piano tuning kit

This piano tuning kit provides you with all the tools that you need to get started tuning your piano. If you prefer a different tuning hammer from the one that is supplied in the kit, such as a Craftsman or Professional Tuning Hammer, you can substitute any tuning hammer of your choice. Of course, the price will have to be adjusted if you select a more expensive tuning hammer. The Student Tuning Hammer that is included in this kit has a non-replaceable, one-piece head & tip suitable for #2 tuning pins.

The Beginner's Piano Tuning Kit also includes a "C" Tuning Fork. This is the pitch that is used by most piano tuners to set the pitch of the piano. If you prefer an A-440 tuning fork, it can be substituted at no extra charge.

A Felt Temperament Strip is also included in the tuning kit. This strip of felt is used to "mute off" the outside strings of each unison in the middle section of the piano. The purpose of this muting felt is to silence the 2 outside strings of each unison so that the middle string alone is sounding so that it can be tuned.

The Rubber Mutes are used throughout the rest of the piano to accomplish the same task as the temperament strip. After the middle string of each unison has been tuned, then the felt strip is removed so that the outside strings can be tuned to the middle string resulting in all 3 string sounding at the same pitch.

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